ICNP History

The first ICNP was held in Kerala, India in 2007 (91 participants). Since then, three other editions occurred, the second in 2010 (177 participants), the third in 2012 (240 participants) and the fourth in 2015 (302 participants). All of them were based in Kerala - India. In particular, the edition of 2015, gathered beyond the audience of Mahatma Gandhi University, about 200 researchers from India, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, France , China, Italy, UK, Turkey, Austria, Cuba and Brazil. These researchers were responsible for 3 plenary sessions, 76 Invited Talks, 74 Short Invited Talks and dozens of posters. Thus, the ICNP shows a growing activity, besides an excellent mobilization of the scientific community, which has expanded over the years. Also noteworthy is the fact that in 2017 it will complete a decade of efforts of Professor Sabu Thomas to the event and we here in Brazil will have the honor of hosting the first ICNP outside India. We are very excited and counting on you to attend ICNP2017-Rio.