June 7th-9th, 2017 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

ICNP 2017 Rio

Fifth International Conference on Natural Polymers, Biopolymers and biomaterials: Applications from macro to nanoscale.
The natural polymers and biomaterials have experienced enormous growth in size and sophistication over the past two decades in terms of both scientific base and technological and commercial developments. This situation has forced the researchers in academia and in Industry to undertake extensive research in these fields. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists, technologists and experts to share their knowledge on recent developments in the field of natural polymers, biopolymers, biomaterials and their blends, composites, gels, IPNs form macro to nanoscale. This conference will be one of the big international meetings exclusively dedicated to Natural Polymers, Biomaterials, Biopolymers, their Blends, Composites, IPNS and Gels from Macro to Nanoscale. The conference will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be attended by hundreds of Chemists, Physicists, Biologists, Technologists, Doctors and Engineers, making it a truly interdisciplinary conference. The goal of the conference emphasises interdisciplinary research on processing, morphology, structure and properties of natural polymers, biomaterials, biopolymers, their blends, composites, IPNS and gels from macro to nanoscale and their applications in medicine, automotive, civil, chemical, and aerospace, computer and marine engineering. The conference will be held in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro on June 7-9, 2017.

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